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Say, "Hello" to Bristol Morgan Bank.
Same people. New name.

Bank of Oakfield is now Bristol Morgan Bank.

No merger. No buyout. No worries. We're a new bank by name only.
We're still dedicated to you, our customers, and our community.


Why a new name?
While Oakfield will always have a special place in our hearts, over the more than 100-years we've been serving you, we've branched into more communities like Brandon and Van Dyne. We're moving to a new name that celebrates that and invites everyone in.


What do you need to do?
To be honest, not much!

  1. Wait for your new credit and/or debit cards to arrive. They're in the mail and should be on your doorstep, soon. You'll also start seeing the new logo on other communication coming from us.
  2. Bookmark our new website address at (which you're already at!). But know that our old URL and addresses will redirect you. You can continue using your existing mobile app as well, and you’ll notice an updated logo, soon.
  3. That's it! If you still have questions though, please call us at 1-888-852-3191 and we will be more than happy to chat.