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Ag banking for Fond du Lac, Oakfield, Brandon, Van Dyne and surrounding areas.

We know farm expenses are high; you shouldn’t have to pay high bank fees too. Bristol Morgan Bank is a Fond du Lac county ag bank at heart. In fact, our business accounts are designed with the agriculture industry in mind. The bottom line: Our team understands agriculture (in fact, many of us grew up on a farm ourselves).
Read about our accounts and give us a call. One of our experienced ag lenders will make a personal visit to your farm, then you can decide if the Bristol Morgan is the right ag bank for you.

EZ Small Business Checking

Bristol Morgan’s EZ Small Business Checking makes managing your farm a little more affordable. We know adding “surprise” fees on top of your farm or ag businesses expenses is the last thing you need. This account has a low minimum balance and includes 150 FREE items per month!

Open with $250
Minimum balance $2501
Transaction details 150 FREE credits/debits per month2

1 There is a monthly service charge of $10 if account falls below the minimum any day of the cycle. 

2 $.25 for each debit and credit in excess of 150.  Assessed on credit and debit items during a month, including deposited items.

EZ Business Checking

If your farm or ag business deposits a lot of checks, fees for each item can add up fast. Bristol Morgan’s EZ Business Checking is an analysis account that can help ease or eliminate fees. Call one of our ag lenders to see if our EZ Business Checking can save you money. (Tip: Be sure to have your current bank statement handy so your ag lender can create a side by side comparison.)

Open with


Monthly analysis charge


Minimum balance


Transaction details

$.15 per debit/credit but, earnings credit can reduce or eliminate fees!2


1 No earnings credit will be earned if the average daily balance for the period is less than $100.

2 Earnings credit will be calculated by applying the periodic earnings credit rate to the average daily investable balance in the account for the period.  The investable balance is the average daily balance reduced by 10%.  Excess earnings credit does not carry forward.

EZ Business NOW

Ever have a little extra money sitting in your checking account as you are planning the purchase of seed, fertilizer or new farm equipment? With Bristol Morgan’s EZ Business NOW you’ll earn interest based on the balance of your account, plus, all account transactions are free. Why? Because we know you are busy running your farm or ag business and don’t have time to count every item running through your account.

Finally, an ag bank that has your back!

Open with


Earns interest

Yes1,2- Credited monthly

Minimum balance


Rate information

Rates fluctuate with the market so your interest rates are subject to change but we always make sure we are offering highly competitive interest rates.

How we calculate interest

Daily balance computation method-applies a daily periodic rate to the principal in the account each day.

1 If the account is closed before interest is credited, the accrued interest is not paid.

2$500 is the minimum balance to obtain APY

3There is a monthly service charge of $10 if account falls below the minimum any day of the cycle.